Jobe Click bindings
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€ 230,00


Jobe Click bindings

Size: Size: 6/7, 8. 9, 10, 11, 12/13

  • Together with CK we developed this all new impressive Click binding
  • It’s the most solid and highest binding in our range, once you’ve locked both laces all the way up you will feel secure and in control
  • To compensate the stiffness of this high binding we added unique flex zones at the ankle and at the top of the heel as well, which allows for all the movement you need during a ride
  • The rigid back design helps the wakeboard react as quickly as it can
  • The perfectly tailor made "comfort liner" puts the cherry on the pie and makes this a great and supportive binding.
  • L'acquisto è possibile solo da parte dei soci regolarmente tesserati per l'anno in corso.